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Introducing: The Recharged Revolutionary Guide

Anyone who’s interested in making a change in the world also has to learn to care for herself, himself, themselves." - Angela Davis

As the social climate and pandemic leave the country restless, it sparked a revolution. With more time to focus on the world around us, there’s been more opportunity to find a cause to stand behind to fight for change. From racial injustice to food security, we all can agree that changes need to be made for the betterment of the country.

Young activists have been the frontrunners of cultivating change with their fresh perspective on how to serve underserved communities. Their ability to create safe spaces throughout the digital space and bring awareness to causes reaffirms that the youth is the country’s future.

Their initiatives are commendable, however, to bear the heartbreak and frustration from systematic oppression can be overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve recently partnered with the community-driven platform, Révolutionnaire, on a free digital guidebook, The Recharged Revolutionary, to help young change-makers pour back into themselves as they continue to fight for marginalized groups.

The guidebook is divided into two sections: “Unplug” and “Find Balance”. Each segment of the guidebook highlights essential ways to prioritize yourself while combating social issues. For example, the guidebook starts by sharing the importance of looking inward in the midst of feelings of hopelessness. This allows the youth to critically dive into the emotions they may have forgotten to address that could possibly be negatively affecting other areas of their life. The guidebook also delves into finding balance by providing interactive activities that can show you how to find positive coping mechanisms. This element of the guidebook is crucial as it’s important to implement strategies to overcome negative emotions. Last but not least, it reminds us all that solutions to injustices do not come overnight. The oppressive infrastructures that the youth is against are not easily deconstructed. There’s a lot to be proud of but it is also a long battle. The ‘Recharged Revolutionary’ mission is to help recharge, reset, and refocus the youth. Burnout can be a challenge, especially when others' livelihoods are at stake. The guide is here to be a resource and serve as a medium for the generation that is playing an intricate role today and for the future, youth. Be sure to join the conversation over in the Révolutionnaire Lounge!

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